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About the Company

Calendula Pharma Co. was founded in 2010

In order for the food phytonutrients to be available not only to the patients of our Calendula clinic but also to people taking care of their health and supporting their organisms with natural components at home, Calendula Pharma Co. was planned and founded.
Research, development, testing and production of our high-grade preparations are performed in our lab located in the village of Adand, Hungary. The HACCP system has been implemented at our production facilities and is successfully functioning, which ensures the high quality of our products.

The founder and the medical director of Calendula Clinic, Dmitry Skopintsev, is responsible for formulating the food phytonutrients

15 products represented at the web site are the result of more than twenty years of research. The formulas were composed by Dmitry Skopintsev and his team which currently uses hundreds of medicinal herbs during the direct care. They all are qualified specialists and herbal practitioners who have treated patients for most of their lives.
During the development of food preparations the most widespread diseases were considered – those which people encounter in their everyday life.
We will always be glad to provide our knowledge about safeguarding and strengthening your organism and making it more resistant to diseases and stresses in this modern world full of difficulties to you, as well as our experience gained during the years as our preparations.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us!

Competitive advantages of Calendula Pharma Co product .

Product: mainline medicines and dietary supplements
Mainline medicines (extemporal) – medicines whose prescriptions are made by a doctor. They are manufactured by a pharmacist for a specific patient.

Dietary supplements are an additional source of food and biologically active substances to optimize metabolic processes, improve the functional state of organs and systems, reduce the risk of diseases, normalize the gastrointestinal microflora, etc.

The number of phytoformula: 1 500
Formulations: Ayurvedic, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Avicenna, Galen, authored By Dr. Dmitry Skopintsev
Drug form: capsules, pills, powders, jams, tinctures, decoctions, oils
Manufacturing: automated and manual operation
Manufacturing format: own pharmacy for individual phytoformulas (for the treatment of a specific patient) manufacturing
Experience: the effect of the medicines has been verified and confirmed in the course of treatment both in the clinic and during the course of taking them at home (remote support)
Treatment: according to the doctor’s prescription, medical supervision
Dietary supplements: 14 certified dietary supplements (the idea of creating a home first aid kit (instant action and for prevention). It can be used without a doctor’s prescription according to the instructions.

The advantage of Ayurvedic medicines is in the production technology.
  1. Herbal medicines manufacturing was not intended as a commercial project. This was primarily created for the treatment of patients in the clinic and their support after discharge. Virtually it is our own pharmacy, which produces mainline medicines for our patients.
  2. Only once in 27 years of clinic and the laboratory СALENDULA Сalendula Pharma Co existence, 125 500 patients were treated. 1,500 Ayurvedic, as well as traditional Chinese, Greek and Arabic medicine, herbal medicines were created, adapted and manufactured. We have accumulated a lot of manufacturing and medical experience, which we are ready to share.
  3. What we offer is fundamentally different from what is available on the market of herbal medicines.

The first difference is that it uses a medicine that has been used for a long period of time in Europe, in a clinic.

The second one – we make classic Ayurveda and Avicenna preparations, but they are adapted to the digestive system of modern Europeans.

Third – formulas and formulations: the composition is not just crushed plant collections, but potentiated substances. Part of the medicinal herbs is milled into powder, the other part is made of decoction or extract – all alternately rubbed (rubbing process potentiates the plants. The more they are rubbed, the higher their potency). Then the liquid and dry parts are mixed, dried at a certain temperature, and rubbed again. The peculiarity of multicomponent compositions is that some ingredients are aimed at improving digestion and assimilation of medicinal substances, others act as guides that bring them to the target cells, some of them act as synergists of action, and some of them saturate the body. Saturation – when the concentration of active substances increases in the same volume. That’s how many mechanisms of action in one medicine! No one does this.

Drug form is capsules and pills. Each of them has its own advantages.
Benefits of pills: long shelf life, very high bioavailability, because the whole process of digestion takes place. Purified honey is used in their manufacturing, as an extractant, which facilitates the process of absorption and splitting, because we give what is already drawn from the plant particle.

The advantage of capsules is that they always have an exact dose. Coming in the digestive tract, it is quickly absorbed. If we need a fast-acting drug, then the capsule is irreplaceable. Also, taking a capsule, a person does not feel the taste, smell, he swallowed it and all.

All imported plants that are used in Calendula Pharma Co. phytoformulas are certified.

Another advantage – the doctor makes a prescription, this is important! The pharmacist collects it for a specific patient. We are close to the basis of medicine.

We do not offer to buy a medicine, we offer to make a medicine for a specific disease. And the doctor can order it to be made for his patient, depending on the root cause of his disease.

Everything that happens in this laboratory was originally created to treat patients. There was no aim to create a pharmaceutical laboratory to sell medicines. We are not pursuing it now.