I have recently visited an innovative rehabilitation center in Greece. Patients were recovering and being treated after strokes, heart attacks, and ischemic attacks there. Most of them were disabled, unable to speak, move, or breathe. Fortunately, these people had the opportunity to undergo rehabilitation in a ultramodern clinic, use the services of highly professional staff. But … Personally, it made me to think about the causes of such diseases – is it possible to prevent circulatory disorders?

On my return home I raised the statistics of cardiovascular diseases: for example, 15,000 people in Hungary at the ages from 30 to 65 are passing away due to diseases caused by circulatory disorders. And this is in a country with a population of 9.8 million people, where there is high-quality medicine and a fairly calm social and political environment. Every year, 70,000 diseases, that are directly or indirectly related to blood circulation in the coronary vessels of the heart, brain, limbs, etc., are registered here. I dug into the statistics: 8 out of 10 people at the age of 50 years have atherosclerosis. In other words, we all are subject to this disease. The patients I saw in the rehabilitation center initially had atherosclerosis. Heart attack, stroke, circulatory disorders of the heart, kidneys, limbs, brain – that’s all atherosclerosis!

Causal relationships<.h5>
To this date, the cause of atherosclerotic changes in blood vessels (small swelling inside the arteries) is the absence or reduction of antibodies produced by the immune system in response to antigens (foreign substances). The disease begins with the accumulation of low-density lipoproteins (LDL) in the extracellular matrix of the vessel. LDL particles are oxidized, and this contributes to the production of toxic substances for vascular cells which provoke inflammation, plaque formation, fibrosis, etc.

Various factors contribute to the uprise of atherosclerosis. I will list them by the degree of influence on the disease:

  • There is the stress in the first place. External and internal stress factors trigger certain mechanisms of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems which block the production of necessary antibodies.
  • Smoking is in the second place: nicotine, hypoxia
  • There is the malnutrition in the third place: lack of regime, excessive consumption of fatty foods.
  • There were poisons those we use with food in the fourth place: chemicals for protecting vegetables and fruits from pests, increasing yields, long-term storage, etc.
  • The so-called regional features are in the last place.
    This sequence does not include genetically determined factors – there are far fewer people who have immune defects.
Thoughts along the way

Thinking about this problem, I realized how humanity is defenselessly against atherosclerosis. In each of us there are changes that can lead to a disaster. As usual, no one thinks about changes in blood vessel, which will occur over time, and may lead to Alzheimer’s disease progressing, for example. No one also thinks about diabetes progressing by contributing circulatory disorders in the arteries that feed the pancreas aid in the development of diabetes. Heart attack, stroke – Yes, it’s possible, but not with me!

In search of recipes for protect the body from such disorders, I again came to Ayurvedic techniques. Using Panchakarma, as well as accompanying Eastern and Western therapies, we balance the nervous system, normalize metabolic processes in cell membranes. But after returning home, patients are again dug in a stressful environment. Every day you need more money to survive – that is stress. They are harder to get – that is stress. We observe things that are difficult for our consciousness to put up with – that is stress. We watch videos that excite the nervous system – and that is also stress!

Antistress therapy

To this date, there is only one way to resist such negative influences – this is mental world. Resorting to your immortal part, the soul, and finding harmony in it through the realization that it is immortal, clean and healthy, you will be able to stay away from the body-destroying experiences.

The mental world is food for the soul. If it is not there, the soul becomes a slave of the body. You can create it through an appeal to God, communication with good, kind, pleasant people. The comfortable space created by you will allow you to get out of the zone of sensibility, which is the external environment.

In addition, how many herbal tonics that strengthen the nervous system, there is! They do not kill the body, do not cause habituation or addiction. Plants such as valerian, motherwort, balm, devil pepper, passionflower, restore and strengthen the structures of the nervous system.

In the 30s of the last century, Elena Rerikh received a universal recipe when communicating with sages in India: to drink a decoction of valerian mountain, as well as a soda solution (soda, extinguished in a glass of warm water) in the morning. Sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) does not allow cell membranes to depolarize, while valerian strengthens the nervous system and protects against stress.

Kick the cigarette

Smoking is the second factor in atherosclerosis progressing, as you remember. If you do not get rid of a bad habit, everything else will not have healing power. Smoking is a hypoxia, oxygen deficiency, which in turn injures the blood vessels.

How to kick the weed, you ask? Once you take a drag on a cigarette and realize that you are poisoning yourself with a dangerous poison. There is no smoker who does not feel foggy, heavy in the body and thoughts. I used to smoke, too, and I knew exactly what I’m talking about. But one day I decided to kick the weed and since then I haven’t touched cigarettes. The secret is in the sincerity of the intention.

In harmony with Nature

Manner of life is a room where we can hide from the outside world. Following certain biological rhythms -rising in the early hours, going to bed before 10.00 p.m., we live in unison with Nature. Taking food at 6.00-7.00 p.m. we deliberately do not allow the liver to work with an increased load. Holding meetings in the morning, during the Kapkha period, when the nervous system is balanced, you can find compromise solutions and creative ideas. These simple little things are what we can hide from stress.

And it is also important to keep the fast. Despite the fact that they came to us through religious systems, Nature intended periods of cleaning. They usually concur with the change of seasons. Dietary limitation help the body start self-cleaning mechanisms.

Returning to Panchakarma, I want to note that today this is the only effective technique that allows you to prevent clogging and intoxication of the body. It is important to pass it regularly – 1 or 2 times a year. The atherogenicity coefficient (the correlation between harmful and beneficial cholesterol) in our patients after a course of purification is normalized or becomes close to normal.

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