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Immune booster pack 180 pcs + free Immune power tea blend

Immunforce + Lungvital + Coldforte product combination to support the immune system for the health of the respiratory system.
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Manufacturer: Calendula Pharma Co. Kft.
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Packaging: 180tablets


The combination of IMMUNFORCE + LUNGVITAL + COLDFORTE strengthens the body, helps the body's natural defenses, thus effectively helps to prevent diseases.

LUNGVITAL - for protection and prevention of the upper respiratory tract and lungs. Ingredients: garden thyme, licorice, marsh-mallow root, hedgenettle, purple coneflower, guarana seed, tulsi, clove crop, ginger rootstock, ceylon cinnamon tree bark.

IMMUNFORCE - to strengthen the immune system and prevention. Ingredients: echinacea, terminalia chebula, amla fruit, turmeric root, fenugreek crop, licorice, asian ginseng root, clove flower, ceylon cinnamon tree bark, ginger rootstock

COLDFORTE - for colds and flu symptoms. Ingredients: garden thyme, elecampane, garden hyssop, scots pine leaf powder, peppermint, lemon balm, clove flower powder, ceylon cinnamon tree bark, powder, nutmeg crop.

All three preparations are based on ancient Indian recipes, made from carefully selecteed plant ingredients and made in the Calendula Pharma laboratory.

The package contains preparations in packs of 180.


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Herbal tea blend with Echinacea and valuable herbs to support the immune system, strengthen the body's defenses.