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Prostaline capsules


Prostaline capsules

It is an effective preparation for prostatitis, prostate enlargement, prostate adenoma, normalization of urinary functions and the pain associated with these diseases.

It helps maintain a man's health.

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Manufacturer: Calendula Pharma Co. Kft.
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- hedysarum extract: anti-inflammatory, diuretic, analgesic, hematopoietic, hemostatic. For the effective treatment of prophylaxis, impotence, prostate adenoma and neurological and cardiovascular diseases. General regenerating agent.

- serenoa repens (saw palmetto) extract: prevents prostate enlargement and improves urination. It increases testosterone levels, has a positive effect on muscle mass, improves cholesterol and metabolism.

- prunus africana (red stinkwood extract): reduces and eliminates functional urinary disorders. It has an anti-inflammatory effect in the prostate tissues. An important factor in case of prostate malignant prophylaxis.

- forsythia extract: has anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, antiviral, antibacterial and detoxifying effects.

- turmeric extract: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant. Natural antibiotic

- coix seed extract: anti-inflammatory, analgesic and diuretic.

- black pepper extract: helps digestion and absorption of active ingredients.

- zinc: an important component of testosterone synthesis and sperm formation. It helps the immune system to function and keep the healthy condition of prostate tissue.


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