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Triphala- cleansing, detoxifying, rejuvenating

Biologically active dietary supplement that helps the digestive process based on its ingredients.
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Manufacturer: Calendula Pharma Co. Kft.
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Key features:

The name Triphala means "three crops" translated from Sanskrit, which refers to the 3 plant components of the preparation. These are amla, bibhitaki (terminalia belerica) and haritaki terminalia chebula). These are plants native to India that contain the valuable medicinal fruit of Triphala. The combination of these three plants is not accidental: each contains a defined vitamin complex, macro- and microelements, minerals, and essential amino acids. Triphala has been used in India since ancient times as it is believed that Triphala normalizes, rejuvenates the body, gives vitality, increases sexual activity. Due to its regenerative effect, it is preffered for use after severe illness and stress. One of the best known, most commonly used Ayurvedic preparations.

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Terminalia chebula, Amla fruit, Terminalia belerica

Active ingredients:

Terminalia chebula: supports the digestive functions, increases digestive fire. It has a delicate digestive system cleansing effect. Maintains regular intestinal function.

Amla fruit: protects cells and tissues from oxidative damage through its antioxidant effect. It helps strengthen our body's defenses.


Adults are advised to take 3*3 capsules daily. From 12 to 18 years, the recommended daily dose is 3*1 capsules.

Directions for use:

Take the capsules 30 minutes after meal and be sure to drink a glass of warm water right after.

Duration of treatment: 

The use of the product may be different: it can be taken without a break between 2 weeks and six months.

If accurately adtherses to the dosasage, the preparation has no side effects.

Interaction with other Calendula Pharma products:

The product can be used in the complex treatment of diabetes and obesity. In case of complex chronic deppression: HEPATOSOUL  (30 minutes before meal) + METEOPRO (after meal) + ACTIVEDIGEST (in the evening, at night).


Pregnant women during the first trimester refrain from using it! Do not exceed the recommended daily amount! Keep out of reach of children!

Quantity of capsules in one package:

180 capsules

Expiration date:

2 years, stored in a dry, dark place 


2 rating
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A Triphala egy csodálatos készítmény. Igazi orvosság. A Calendula által készített Triphala, pedig kiemelkedően jó minőségű. Köszönöm.
| 5 out of 5 Stars!
Körülbelül egy hónpja szedem a Triphalát, és már egy héten belül jelentősen javult az anyagcserém, emésztésem. Egy ideje sokkal jobb lett a közérzetem és energikusabbnak érzem magam.